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  1. Heart wrenching moments mixed with sweet and innocent memories of childhood, events and people.
    In “Cookie”, Lady Jaye is telling the story of a young woman who has been through thick and thin, who always rises with her head held high and sweeps everything under the carpet. But what happens when those memories surface and give food for thought to her inner demons? Does she go to her ‘happy place’ and wait for the moment to pass?
    No. She puts the pedal to the metal and rides off straight ahead into the mouth of the demon, making it only a bad memory, vanquishing it forever.
    Captivating story of the struggles presented in her day to day life makes Cookie’s story an interesting, page turner, striking a balance between the fall downs and the way back to the top. Cannot wait to discover what happens next!

  2. Okay. You have officially done it – my interest is piqued. Congratulations on the book. Can’t wait to learn more about The Lump, The Beast, and especially The Teacher!


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